A Note From a Colleague about Zona Intangible

We want to share with you what Rob Carroll, one of our two composers, said about the film we’re making. He pretty much nails it, even better than we could:

“Ann’s and Rus’ work doesn’t bang you over the head with moralistic messages, but rather tells the stories that rarely get told. Viewers won’t leave the theater shaking their fists at right-wing dictatorships, communist revolutionaries, foreign capitalists, or local oligarchs. Rather, one gains a deeper empathy for the people who get caught in the crossfire of civil war and need to create an entirely new place to live—people who rarely get talked about in traditional media that emphasize shocking violent events but not the aftermath. The “heroes” of this story rarely set out to gain that title; instead, the community leaders, doctors, nurses, and clergy who have made life livable for thousands of displaced Peruvians merely chose paths that weren’t so comfortable in order to do good. If you’ve ever traveled somewhere and seen slum-like improvised housing and wondered “How?” and “Why?” (like I have), Zona Intangible offers some explanation of the complex historical conditions that lead to migration, squatting, and eventually, the building of whole new communities.”

Thank you, Rob.

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